About us

HAKOM is a manufacturing, trading and service firm in the ventilation and air conditioning industry. Our main activity is the manufacture and sale of equipment and components of ventilation and air conditioning systems.

Our product range includes rectangular ducts and fittings, acoustic silencers, air filters, canopies and auxiliary installation components such as wall-mounted and wall intake and exhaust hoods. The continuous availability of systems and assembly fittings for insulation and maintenance of ventilation and air conditioning systems is ensured by the warehouse located in Warsaw. The remaining part of the offer comprises the products imported or distributed by HAKOM.

Systematically accommodating the demands of our customers, we develop machinery and steadily add new products for the ventilation and air conditioning industry to our commercial offer. As a manufacturer, importer and distributor, we provide our customers with the opportunity to purchase components and equipment directly from the warehouse.

Among our customers are plumbers, small businesses and enterprises, and large corporations, but also individuals, workshops and factories. Reference lists collected over the years are the best evidence of the quality of the offered services and goods, and the professionalism with which HAKOM operates. A firm with over 20 years of experience.